UCB - Discrimination against Medicare enrollies


My doctor gave me a prescription for NEUPRO (early signs of Parkinson's & RLS) that came with a discount card JUST FOR THIS PRODUCT. The card offers this product for $10.oo a month for 12 months. When calling the # on the card to register for the discount, I was told that because I'm on Medicare / Medicaid, I can not use this discount. It will cost me $159.00 a month. I called Medicare and they said is was a civil rights infraction. Because I'm on Social Security, making $1500.00 a month I have to pay 10% of my monthly income (for this 1 drug) when a 35 year old with a normal job making good money pays $10.00 a month.

This is discrimination! I have called the company that issued this card "UCB, Inc.

1950 Lake Park Drive

Smyrna, GA 30080

Tel.: +1.800.477.7877 and have talked to 5 people that are just excuse readers. I finally reached their legal department but came up nothing but lame jargon. Is anyone ready to start a class-action suit against this discrimination? I am!

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